Shibousha ~ Weekly Community Spotlight:ruff_ethereal

Weekly Community Spotlight: ruff_ethereal

In our first Weekly Community Spotlight we interview ruff_ethereal, a roleplayer from the WSRP site.

Q: How did you come to know about Wildstar?

A: The Escapist. I was lazily browsing through the videos when I saw Kit Brinny’s boobs in the preview image, up in the corner. I clicked it, played the video, and was hooked.

Q: What brought you to the role-play community as a whole?

A: I managed to find either Pat or Ender’s signatures in Wildstar-Central advertising Wildstar RolePlay. As I was in a writing funk, I decided: why not? I’m addicted to making characters, and I only ever post things when in their first draft, my inspiration and motivation works like a fireworks rocket (fast, explosive, but short-lived) and even then, when there is an immediate response from someone else, so roleplay seemed like the way to go.

Then I found myself in chat. That place is addicting, and there is no escape. Not that I mind!

Q: If you could choose one thing to improve in the Wildstar community what would it be and why?

A: I wouldn’t really change anything as is, as the community is a giant bundle of awesomeness, love and hugs to be shared with everyone.

What I would like to change, but will never happen unless something miraculous comes down from above sometime soon, is the people who whine and complain about WildStar not being out yet, most especially the unintentionally amusing Anons of 4chan who keep proclaiming “ded thread, ded game.”

Personally, I believe Carbine just didn’t expect people to latch onto the game so soon, much like how EA never realised just how fast players can power-level to cap.

The people who complain about WildStar Wednesday irk me the most. Most other Devs are so tight-lipped and even up to total silence, and I find their posts (outside of Econ, Technical Stuff, and PvP) interesting.

That they listen to us, relate to us, talk to us, and are very honest to us, is a VERY big bonus……….

Please click to open and read the full interview.
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