Madda ~ How to Play a Role Part 1

How to Play a Role: A Beginner’s Roleplaying Guide Part 1

By Madda

Hello fellow Wildstar fans! It’s been a long few months for us patiently awaiting Wildstar’s official release or the coveted beta invite so many of us applied for, just to be greeted by an empty inbox for many days. To think, only a short while ago, we had just learned of Wildstar’s existence and eagerly awaited deployment to the strange world of The Nexus. Still, one thing bothered me most of all about our wonderful roleplay site. There didn’t seem to be any sort of roleplaying guide for those just getting started with roleplaying in general. Like many who love the art, I started roleplaying in 2008 on Gaia Online before branching out to World of Warcraft 2 years later. I’m not saying I’m the most experienced player to be doing this, but hopefully, this could serve as inspiration for another member to use the info I’ve learned in my run of roleplaying and write a guide here as well.

So maybe you’re a beginner roleplayer and looking for a short, but handy guide to help you get started with this mysterious concept of diving headfirst into another strange, unexplored world and immersing yourself in the lore of this world. Maybe you’re a roleplaying veteran that wants to find some information to better your characters and expand your horizons on races. Or, maybe you’re that one guy in the crowd that clicks on random articles out of boredom and rates them without reading the full article. Either way, let’s begin our trip into the wonderful world of roleplaying.

To read the full article please click the image below to open. 

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